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Going above and beyond by providing a full-service Real Estate Agent experience.  Chris George has been developing and fine tuning a team of experts in their respective field for over ten years then utilizing this team to benefit his clients through consultation and planning at no extra cost to them.  The team members range from lenders that specialize in certain loan types to trustworthy home inspection professionals and experienced specialized contractors for electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, concrete/landscaping and even insurance agents to help navigate potential insurance eligibility road blocks like outdated breaker boxes or mountain properties with high fire risks or old roofing.

I was fortunate enough to have Chris on my side when my wife and I were ready to search for the house we live in today.  Now as the owner of Colorado Insurance Shop I’m proud to say I’m a member of the Chris George Team.  Leveraging my fourteen years’ of insurance experience I’m committed to being a professional resource for all concerns related to insurance that Chris, his clients or other team members may need.  When you contact the Chris George Team or one of its members we will provide professional consultation regardless of the opportunity to do business with you.  We thrive on relationships and desire to help people the same way we would like to be helped if we were in their situation.

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